Donate a Computer to PCReNew

The minimum hardware that we are currently accepting is:
Pentium 500 or better, 128 meg ram, 10 gig hard drive.

Here are some helpful things to do first if the computer is currently operational.
1 - Tell us what kind of computer hardware/software it is to ensure it meets minimum requirements shown above. Do this by downloading a free utility program, SIW, and running it on your system. Print out or copy the information shown under 'Hardware,' 'System Info' (Machine Type, Disk Space, Physical Memory) and under 'Hardware,' 'Motherboard' (CPU, Max. CPU Speed) and the information shown under 'Software,' 'Operating System' (Serial Number, Product Key and Product Name). Or, download another system information program from  and give us the similar information shown there.
2 - After you are sure you have removed any useful personal data from the PC, wipe all data from the hard disk with a government certified 'Wipe' program as can be found at:  There is a free version that can be used to wipe out and make irretrievable any personal data on your computer. Our processing of your PC includes wiping out all data on the hard disk if you you prefer.

We will acknowlege receipt of your donation by letter from our tax-exempt, 501c3, not-for-profit organization. You will need to set market value at the time of the donation if you want to use this as a basis for a tax deduction.

Enter your information below. An asterisk (*) indicates required information.
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