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PCRENEW Benchtime Request
Rockland PC Users Group is a tax-exempt, not for profit, 501c3 organization.

As a member of the Rockland PC Users Group one of your benefits is to book bench time at the New City PCReNew Workshop. This is located on Main Street in New City.
We will allocate 2 hour blocks of time. You will be assigned a bench number and time to come down. If you can not make it, please notify us as soon as possible by e-mail so we can offer this to someone who may be waiting.
Normally, a qualified PCReNew Tech will be there to answer any questions and give you a hand. He is not there to do the work for you.
All you need to bring down is your CPU and whatever parts you wish to install or replace.

Fill in your personal information, then click the 'Submit' button. Your request will be acknowledged by e-mail.

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